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For a $500 fee, I got an MLS listing that looked like it was written by a 5-year-old. The text had no punctuation or capitalization, and contained several errors (aside from grammatical).

Repeated phone calls and e-mails were ignored. I eventually terminated my contract with Jack, and was entitled to a full refund per the contract. Jack ignored my repeated requests for repayment. I had to cut his lock box from my door with bolt cutters.

I took him to court to recover my $500, but he failed to show for all appearances.

I doubt I will get my money back from him. Learn from my mistake.

Monetary Loss: $500.

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Also did business with Jack, but had a better experience. We treated the whole thing like For Sale By Owner -- developed our own advertising materials, photos, and descriptions, and gave them to Jack already complete. When we asked him to do specific things at a specific time ("right now"), he would do them.

He has been friendly and ready with advice -- he's obviously an experienced Realtor often needs prompting to follow through on things.

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